Ant-man and The Wasp: Quantumania

Better than the second one. And there are fewer awkward, non-funny moments than the first one. Although I would say the first one is still the champ for the series.

Has the funniest death scene since Paul Ruebens bit the big one on the original Buddy The Vampire Slayer movie.

Plenty of weird Space/Cosmic Marvel. The quantum realm looked cool and interesting to me. And every little creature is strange and wonderful. 

Ultimately, they secretly made a Fantastic Four movie and called it an Ant-man movie. I am pretty happy with that. 

Kang is not yet what he will one day be but as villian turning to someone and saying: I’m going to kill your daughter and then manipulate time so that you live that moment over and over again until you crack is maybe one of the most evil things I’ve ever heard. 

Marvel has a not-so-secret secret weapon in Jonathan Majors and they clearly plan to let him explore all the possibilities of a time traveling multi-dimensional villian.

It’s wonderful to live in a world where I get to say time traveling multi-dimensional villian.

As a long time comic fan I don’t think Kang would have been in my Top 10 for Avengers bad guys but as his story unfolds you can see how Majors is going to start paying dividends.

Bill Murray gets to be gloriously smarmy for one scene. He still brings it, no matter what he’s doing. 

Paul Rudd, as usual, can carry this thing with ease. I love how his Scott Lang still has a lot of reverence for certain people. 

“I fought with Captain America.”

The thing I truly love about all of this is that we are moving into a world where all the original heroes age out and get replaced by their spiritual and sometimes actual children. We’ve never been this far before. 

What didn’t I like? 

1) The ending was a cheapieh cliffhanger. 

2) What could have been a really great surprise (the identity of MODOK) was ruined by one of the trailers. 

3) The Ant cast is too big. Which is funny because the biggest thing this movie might be missing is Michael Peña as Scott’s friend and the movie’s narrator. 

But it’s a laugh-out-loud action comedy in the Marvel manner. If this is what you like then they made something you will like. 

The people who did not like it did not want to like it. 

They keep going to westerns and complaining about all the cowboys and the horses.

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